Group Risk

Income Protection

Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP) is a county-based revenue insurance product that pays the producer in the event the county average per-acre revenue falls below the Trigger Revenue level selected by the producer. GRIP is based on the same principle as Group Risk Protection (GRP), but guarantees revenue instead of yield.


GRIP-HRO is GRIP but with an added Harvest Revenue Option. For additional premium, this plan offers “upside” Harvest Price Protection by valuing lost bushels at the Harvest Price in addition to the coverage offered under GRIP. GRIP-HRO will pay a loss when the County Revenue is less than the HRO Trigger Revenue which is calculated using the higher of the Expected Price or Harvest Price.



How does it work?


•  Uses county yields based on National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) data


•  Determines Expected and Harvest Prices using commodity future contracts


•  Pays an indemnity if the final County Revenue is lower than selected Trigger Revenue



Coverage Level


GRIP / GRIP-HRO allows the producer to select a coverage level ranging from 70% up to 90% in 5% increments.





•  Flexible program that allows the producer to choose between several coverage levels and amounts of



•  GRIP-HRO allows the producer to increase Expected County Revenue if the fall price is higher than the

   spring price


•  Offers a competitive premium, and requires no records and less paperwork than other plans to



•  Subsidized by Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) and protects against widespread loss of yield

   in a county


•  Fits well with a full coverage crop hail policy, which provides additional coverages






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