Pasture Rangeland Forage

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) now offers two new pilot risk management programs for

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF): Rainfall Index and Vegetation Index. These innovative pilot

programs are based on vegetation greenness and rainfall indexes developed to provide livestock

producers the ability to purchase insurance protection for losses on forage produced for

grazing or harvested for hay.


Basic Definitions


County Base Value per Acre

FCIC determined production value of the crop in the county as contained in the actuarial documents.


Dollar Amount of Protection per Acre

The county base value per acre specified in the actuarial documents for each crop, type, and practice multiplied by the coverage level selected by the insured, and multiplied by the protection factor selected by the insured. Only one dollar amount of protection per acre may be selected for each county and crop type.


Grid ID

A specific code associated with each grid contained in the actuarial documents.


Policy Protection per Unit

The result of multiplying the dollar amount of the protection per acre by the insured acres, and then by share for the unit. The policy protection per unit is shown on your Summary of Protection.



The insured acres within a grid ID for each crop, type, practice index interval, and share. If there are

multiple grid IDs on a policy, then index values are not added together. Each unit and crop stands on

its own.


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